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  Providing cryptocurrencies to mainstream everyday users will require dedicated crypto services.Only once a person can use cryptocurrency in the same way that they use any other currency, will all the benefits of cryptocurrency, such as lower transaction costs, the speed of payment, removal of national boundaries and so on, become real. Over the past 1 year, the team at Sekopay LTD has been building the platform on which its crypto services will be launched.The next stage in our development will be the release of a crypto payment platform that will in turn run its own cryptocurrency – SEKO, to feed the transactional process.This platform will be ready for the release at the end of Q4 2019 – early Q1 2020, and we aimed on developing it in future.The binding terms and provision of SEKO Sale will be outlined in the Terms & Conditions provided at https://www.sekopay.co.uk/terms-conditions/(the “Website”). Physical bank branches, plastic payments cards are all things of the past. Now everything is digital, mobile and contactless. Sekopay LTD is building a new digital solution to Cryptocurrency era, that does mostly the same things as the current mobile providers, but faster, cheaper, safer using cryptocurrency on the decentralised blockchain. Sekopay coin SEKO – is the core of all transactions made on Sekopay LTD crypto platform. No payment can be conducted without SEKO, its main goal, is to stimulate coin holders to use Sekopay in their daily life, and to attract new users to Sekopay in future is planning to list its coins on cryptocurrency exchanges to enlarge userbase and fulfill users’ expectations to provide the most comprehensive services.

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